**LOW PROFILE** Atari 400 Replacement Kailh Choc V1/V2 Mechanical Keyboard Inhome B Key & Zookeeper – NO SWITCHES, NO KEYCAPS


Drop-in replacement for the Atari 400 keyboard. This keyboard layout follows the “Inhome B Key” design created by Inhome Software. Soldering for this product is required. This kit does NOT come with switches or keycaps. The product image depicts the PCB with Kailh Choc V2 footprints, however the final version of this board is compatible with Kailh Choc V1 & v2 switches (post holes added).   Final revision has logo on backside of the board.  Please read the FAQ for additional install/troubleshooting information.

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Package Contents:

  • Zookeeper wiring adapter board PCB
  • 1x 22-pin Header (for Zookeeper PCB)
  • 2x 24-pin IDC Sockets (for Zookeeper and Keyboard PCB)
  • IDC Cable
  • Keyboard PCB
  • Costar Plate Mount Spacebar Stabilizer Kit

PCB/Switch Information:

Documentation/Release Information: